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Collect Social Media & Website Evidence with One Click

The easiest tool to collect digital evidence on the web

    • Full-text Search
    • Automatically collect metadata
    • Easy to use web browser button
    • Authenticated with digital signatures
    • Save as WARC, MHTML, JPG, PDF and Collection Report
    • Reliable & Safe: No API connections or proprietary browsers


Are you dealing with cases that involve online evidence from Social Media, Web Pages or Blogs?

Whole new worlds of litigation are opening up due to doxxing, cyberstalking, online harassments and threats. This goes along with substantial changes to existing fields such as fraud and online IP infringement brought about by incriminating posts or tweets.


Online Evidence Growth

In 2014, cases that include online evidence went up by 300%.


The Web

40% of internet users have experienced online harassment.


Social Media

60% of divorce cases contain Social Media like Facebook and Twitter.

Are you wondering how you can identify, collect and present Website & Facebook data in a legally admissible and authenticated manner?

It’s extremely easy to delete or falsify online data if there isn’t a consistent, provable trustworthy record. You don’t want to end up in Court with faulty, missing or incomplete records, while you don’t have the time to become a digital forensic expert.

What you need is a simple, straight forward way to quickly create a legally admissible screen capture – Without training, deep thought and high expense. A solution that has the timestamps and digital signatures that modern Courts demand.

Landmark cases for online evidence

  • Lorraine v. Markel American Insurance Company (2007)

    Authentication is critical - Digital content is subject to existing Rule 901(a) (Federal Rules of Evidence) with added scrutiny and context specific circumstantial evidence to prove authentication.

  • United States v Vayner (2014)

    Admissibility is fundamental - Held that the court erred in admitting a printout from For social media evidence, “the proponent must produce evidence sufficient to support a finding that the term is what the proponent claims it is”; testimony in this instance did not suffice.

  • Federico v. Lincoln Military House LLc et. al. (2014)

    Spoliation of Social Media content is case damaging - Insufficient “potentially relevant” Facebook evidence was produced, and so a motion to compel additional production was filed. By failing to preserve and present proportionate social media data to the courts in a timely manner, the plaintiffs incurred extortionate and avoidable sanctions of almost $90,000.

We have been archiving website and social media content for more than 500 companies, government agencies, and Fortune 500 Corporations since 2010.

WebPreserver is an authenticated cloud-based web capture system that was developed specifically for law firms and law enforcement agencies to make it easy to create legally admissible evidence of websites & social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram and many more…



WebPreserver is an easy-to-use browser-based tool that captures posts like incriminating Facebook admissions, credibility destroying tweets etc. and preserves them with “evidentiary quality” for use in prosecution, litigation or administrative proceedings.

Nathaniel Russell, LL.B. Lawyer & Blogger with Canada’s leading online legal magazine,

Imagine hardening your online evidence
requirements without breaking a sweat


Capture online evidence with one click

Capture snapshots of the web pages you need using our single-click plug-in feature – they’ll automatically be saved in digitally signed PDF and WARC formats for you to use later.


Avoid steep learning curves for online case preparation

Instantly download snapshots to your computer or easily share files or folders with your team, clients or others from WebPreserver’s user-platform.

Trust you have full data integrity

We place a digital signature and timestamp on all snapshots, creating sound, reliable evidence that complies with the E-Sign Act, Federal Rules of Evidence, and other regulations.

Resolve any concerns of spoliation

Your archived snapshots are stored in our world-class data centers, specifically configured for long-term storage and backed up to a second location for added security.

Legally admissible for eDiscovery

WebPreserver streamlines the process of capturing and storing snapshots for evidence. Snap, store, organize, and share within the same user-friendly platform.


Need some additional assistance?

Download our free trial for first-hand experience of this eDiscovery tool or view our step-by-step demo videos for clear and coherent guidance on the best way to use this software for your litigation needs. You can also view our product White Paper and Blog for additional information and eDiscovery updates.

Do I get support?

We know you’re busy and don’t want to waste time in case of questions. That’s why we offer full ongoing support via Chat, telephone or email. You can be assured that any question you have will be quickly and professionally answered.

What other options do I have?

If you’re technically inclined you could study forensic evidence requirements and manually screen capture every page you need in multiple formats and ensure a unforgeable timestamp is attached. Or there are complex full eDiscovery systems that require extensive training and huge outlays. Or one click with us.

How exactly does WebPreserver work?

Once you’re signed up you simply install the Chrome plugin on your Browser. This puts the plugin on your Browser’s toolbar. Then any time you want to preserve online evidence visit the Social Media page, Blog or Web Page. Simply click the Web Preserver button and voila that content is preserved. The content will be automatically saved to our Service as well as giving you a download of the materials. By visiting your WebPreserver account online you can access, share and manage all your files.

Is the evidence legally admissible?

Our system is built to the admissibility requirements of all pertinent laws such as E-Sign Act, Federal Rules of Evidence, and State Public Records Law.

Browse. Click. Evidence.

Consider the potential loss and professional embarrassment of not having your online evidence admissible, or worse missing or falsified. Think of all those Lawyers who’ve been sanctioned for incomplete or inadmissible evidence – You don’t want to be one of them.

Without WebPreserver how will you protect your online evidence?