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WebPreserver is one of the most important litigation support tools your firm will ever purchase. Why? Because life is recorded online, and a lion’s share of incriminating evidence ends up there. Hence its name, WebPreserver is designed to properly preserve it.

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As of 2019, there are 3.84 Billion social media
users worldwide, including:


2.2 Billion Active Facebook Accounts


800 Million Active Instagram Accounts


330 Million Active Twitter Accounts


260 Million Active Linkedin Accounts


225 Million Active Snapchat Accounts

According to a 2017 survey by Robert Half Legal, 52% of lawyers have reported an increase over the past two years in lawsuits involving posts, images, and data found on social media.

According to the ILTA 2018 Litigation and Practice Support Survey, 90% of law firms conducted social media discovery that year, with a 46% increase in firms handling at least 20 matters per year involving social media evidence.

Demographics continue to fuel the meteoric rise of social media in litigation.

Simple Screenshots are Not Enough!

Screenshots and simple PDF files can be easily altered with readily available editing tools. Digital evidence requires proof of authenticity under the Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE) 901. Per FRE902, social media evidence is not self-authenticating. New additions to FRE902, sections 13 & 14, further strengthen the requirement for forensic preservation.

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    Social media evidence must pass the same barriers as other types of trial evidence: relevance, authentication, and Rule 403, among others.

    When there is no dispute as to authenticity of ESI, 902(13) and (14) should help achieve the laudable goal of reducing the expense of litigation. Rather than present live testimony of a foundation witness, the proponent establishes authenticity under 902(13) and (14) by presenting a certification containing information that would be sufficient to establish authenticity if the information were provided by testimony at a hearing or trial.

    American Bar Association

Solve Preservation Challenges

Recent and ongoing changes to social media platforms further complicate proper preservation of content, both in terms of complete data collection and privacy considerations.

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    Since 2018’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, collection has been difficult due to platforms like facebook limiting API availability.

    Wired Magazine

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    Facebook is significantly limiting data available from Facebook’s Events, Groups, and Pages APIs plus Facebook Login, as well as Instagram accounts. Facebook is also shutting down search by email or user name and changing its account recovery system after discovering malicious actors were using these to scrape people’s data.


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    With recent technological changes to Facebook and Instagram, WebPreserver has become our preferred method for capturing those accounts.

    Transperfect Legal Solutions

WebPreserver is a future-proof, automated social media and website forensic preservation solution that fully meets the standards of forensic electronic evidence, and solves the problems associated with API-based social collection methods.

  • Capture online evidence with one click

    Preserve web pages and social media profiles you need using our single-click plug-in feature – they’ll immediately be preserved as forensically defensible evidence.

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  • Auto-expand social media comments, replies

    Our auto-expand feature, which automatically expands collapsed comment threads and long “read more” posts ensures all hidden content is captured; not just what would typically appear in your browser. This saves your team hours, and in some cases days of work.

  • Export in Searchable PDF

    Traditional PDFs are static, and unable to be searched by keyword. Not so with the WebPreserver searchable PDF, which allows end-users to quickly locate content relevant to the case.

  • Export in Dynamic format

    WebPreserver’s Professional and Enterprise editions grant end users the ability to export preservations in their browsable native formats, providing full context, high fidelity archives.

  • eDiscovery export files

    WebPreserver offers various export file format options, including Searchable PDF, HTML, and WARC which enable end users to significantly streamline eDiscovery workflows.

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Serving a global client base of Law Firms, Investigators, eDiscovery Firms, Law Enforcement Agencies, Insurance Providers, and the legal counsel of corporations, WebPreserver Software Inc. is a privately-held firm that is owned and managed by a successful team of software veterans. Our aim is to make eDiscovery easy and efficient by providing the highest standards of admissible legal evidence, technology and customer satisfaction.

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