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Social Media Discovery Blog

Welcome to the WebPreserver Blog!

Are you a Lawyer, Law Enforcement official or otherwise have an interest in legal issues regarding online evidence gathering and preservation? If so this is the Blog for you! We’re dedicated to offering information, news, cases, studies, and best practice advice on the archiving of social media and web content.

We’ll be consistently and progressively updating this legal resource, and not just with bite-sized posts. We’re going to offer well researched, long-form articles on topics such as Spoliation, Doxxing, eDiscovery, online harassment, social media law & case-studies, digital evidence, legal technology, archive systems …

Why? This is our field. We offer an easy to use, secure and authenticated online archiving solution. We have to stay on top of the fast changing trends in this ever-expanding field and want to share the research with you.

We look forward to your insight, questions and feedback! After all, if social media has taught us anything is that the internet depends on interaction, social networking and the sharing of ideas.

We hope you enjoy your Web and Social Media Discovery process!


Fiona Finn

Legal and Social Media Associate at WebPreserver.

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