SEC investigates fake Twitter story

In the vast space of the Twittersphere, amidst increasing limitations on content policies and clampdowns on trolls - due to a mass of parody and unverified accounts lies a minefield of potential litigation death traps.

Given the rate at which stories travel and influencers act online with the potential to reach the masses in a series of characters and minutes, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have a history of providing verification for the more influential accounts and handles.

Twitter is increasingly being pressured to look all accounts when the repercussions involve not only damage to pride but pockets as well.

In July, the SEC announced that it would take the appropriate steps to investigate a fake story published on’s Twitter handle and whether the writer’s of said story sought to gain financially by manipulating public opinion and causing a sharp fluctuation in the company's’ share price. The story claimed that Twitter had received a $31 billion buyout offer. Because of which, shares for the social media platform surged.

The falsified Bloomberg report (Bloomberg only use the URL to publish stories) was a primary example of how false content on the internet can not only impersonate a person or account, manipulate and influence people but also markets - a growing worry as we increasingly depend on a virtual reality.

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