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Press Release

Announcing WebPreserver – Collect Web & Social Media as Legally Admissible Evidence

Vancouver BC, April 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — PageFreezer Software Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of (, a new solution to create digital evidence with a single click. WebPreserver simplifies eDiscovery and case preparation for web and social media related legal cases such as online harassment, cyber crime, doxxing, IP infringement and social media spoliation.

WebPreserver provides a Chrome web browser plugin and web-based platform that makes collecting authenticated snapshots of websites, blogs and social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ easy, secure and legally admissible.

This allows lawyers and law enforcement officials to simply click one button and ensure that they have collected a package of courtroom-ready webpage or social media data.

All screen captures, source-code and metadata are legally authenticated with a 256-bit digital signature and timestamp so they are of evidentiary quality and comply with the E-Sign Act, Federal Rules of Evidence and other regulatory requirements. To make case management easy users can organize, tag, collaborate, search, print on demand or download the files as PDF’s. You can also easily export to Industry standard tools such EDRM-XML, LexisNexis’ Concordance or WARC.

Michael Riedijk – CEO of PageFreezer Software Inc.: “WebPreserver makes it extremely easy to capture webpage and social media content and preserve it as legally admissible evidence. We have be offering web & social media archiving services for many years now ensuring that the underlying technology provides for a rock solid social media discovery tool.”

WebPreserver is a product of PageFreezer Software Inc. ( PageFreezer is a leading provider of website and social media archiving solutions to over 500 finance, legal, telecom, retail, utilities, government and post-secondary education clients. PageFreezer is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application that enables organizations and corporations of all sizes to permanently preserve their website and social media content in evidentiary quality and then access those archives and replay them as if they were still live.

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