WebPreserver.com is a new solution to create digital evidence with a single click. WebPreserver simplifies eDiscovery and case preparation for web and social media related legal cases such as online harassment, cyber crime, doxxing, IP infringement and social media spoliation.

WebPreserver provides a Chrome web browser plugin and web-based platform that makes collecting authenticated snapshots of websites, blogs and social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ easy, secure and legally admissible.

Webpreserver is useful for anyone who needs to preserve Web & Social Media content as legally admissible evidence. Specifically:

Law Enforcement & Government Agencies

Law enforcement/Government authorities have an onus and duty to monitor illegal activity in line with federal, national and international laws, to communicate information with ISPs, internet moderators and litigators, and to ensure that evidence from online is captured, authenticated and admissible in court, so as not to lose a case due to spoliation or ill-preservation and production of ESI.


Obstacles with electronic evidence and eDiscovery include the time and cost involved with record management for legal professionals, the training of staff, hours of research and pressure on a client’s finances. A party must also ensure that, as it is transient in nature, electronic evidence is as genuine as the moment it came into existence, and is not edited, deleted or tampered with.

Create digital evidence with a single click

WebPreserver offers an easy to use, secure and legally admissible way to preserve online evidence. To learn more, arrange an interview or for a demonstration please contact:

Michael Riedijk – CEO of WebPreserver Software Inc.

Serving a global client base of Law Firms, Investigators, eDiscovery Firms, Law Enforcement Agencies, Insurance Providers, and the legal counsel of corporations, WebPreserver Software Inc. is a privately-held firm that is owned and managed by a successful team of software veterans. Our aim is to make eDiscovery easy and efficient by providing the highest standards of admissible legal evidence, technology and customer satisfaction.

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