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Do you have an isolated legal matter? We can help. Aimed at the consumer market and independent professionals that complete only a few projects per year, we can collect online evidence for you as a service.

If you can gain access to it, we can collect it. Websites, blogs, social media, forums, video and audio files… anything you need, in native formats and a variety of forensically sound export formats. Preservations can range from a single Facebook profile to massive websites 100,000+ pages deep. We have the tools to get the job done quickly, with beautiful, forensically sound deliverables.

Serving a global client base of Law Firms, Investigators, eDiscovery Firms, Law Enforcement Agencies, Insurance Providers, and the legal counsel of corporations, WebPreserver Software Inc. is a privately-held firm that is owned and managed by a successful team of software veterans. Our aim is to make eDiscovery easy and efficient by providing the highest standards of admissible legal evidence, technology and customer satisfaction.

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