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The WebPreserver plugin is being readily adopted by Law Firms, eDiscovery firms, Law Enforcement, and Investigators as an effortless and cost effective way to preserve vast quantities of online content in a forensically defensible fashion. It is an elegant yet robust, feature-rich solution available in three product tiers.

WebPreserver allows you to capture social media, blog, and website evidence immediately upon discovering it - greatly improving the odds you will be able to capture it before it gets edited and/or deleted by a third party. It also shaves countless hours of manual preservation time by automating the capture process. The plugin automates the preservation of all social media platforms and web domains (not just Facebook). It enables a variety of preservation options and forensically-sound export formats, and employs user-defined identity protection features.

You may have relied on cumbersome outsourcing practices in the past because forensically preserving online content is an extremely time-consuming technical challenge. Alternatively, you may have struggled with API-based collection tools that preserve only partial data-sets since Facebook restricted its third-party API connections. Honourable mention goes to those who still rely on non-forensic manual screenshots. Our goal is to evict you from the house of pain! If your firm regularly preserves online evidence to support investigative and/or legal matters, consider adopting a solution that is built to solve these problems elegantly. Call us and let's discover your fit.

Customer Case Study

Solving Challenging Collections with WebPreserver

By: Joseph Pochron, TLS President of Forensic Technology and Consulting

My team, the Forensic Technology and Consulting division of TransPerfect Legal Solutions, has found WebPreserver to be a very reliable collection tool for social media accounts. The ability to auto-expand comments coupled with the speed of a browser plug-in has improved our efficiency with these types of collections. Moreover, it complies fully with FRE 902.13,14 regarding the authentication of electronic evidence.

Recently, we encountered a unique collection where WebPreserver proved to work extremely well. We were tasked with the need to collect a client’s internal wiki. The wiki was accessed through a web browser and was password-protected. We attempted to collect the wiki with a few different tools but were unsuccessful. To add another obstacle, the wiki was several layers deep, with an unknown number of unique URLs. WebPreserver was able to easily capture all layers of the wiki and all 900+ URLs through its powerful bulk capture tool and sitemap load option. We hit “go”, and after only a short few hours, we had each URL captured and exported in a searchable PDF format. The data then was loaded into Relativity and ready for legal review.

I discuss this case because it highlights a situation where we weren’t necessarily considering WebPreserver right out of the gate. This particular case also provides context for where the eDiscovery industry as a whole is headed, with more data being structured and cloud-based. The WebPreserver team not only provides an elegant solution for today’s requirements, but also has a clear understanding of what’s on the horizon.

In comparison to alternative workflows, this is also a relatively inexpensive solution. The bulk capture tool allowed us to export all 900 URLs at once. Lastly, this workflow resulted in significant time savings. Once my team determined that we could run the site map and bulk capture with WebPreserver, we let the tool run, and it completed the task without any hiccups. Without this option, we would have spent many more hours troubleshooting and many more hours collecting. Instead, with WebPreserver, we were able to return this data in just a matter of hours completely ready for the review phase. Brilliant.

Joseph Pochron is the President of TransPerfect’s Forensic Technology and Consulting division. He provides advisory services for clients around the world, developing strategy and executing projects related to digital forensics. Based in San Francisco, he leads a global network of forensic labs and technical specialists in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Serving a global client base of Law Firms, Investigators, eDiscovery Firms, Law Enforcement Agencies, Insurance Providers, and the legal counsel of corporations, WebPreserver Software Inc. is a privately-held firm that is owned and managed by a successful team of software veterans. Our aim is to make eDiscovery easy and efficient by providing the highest standards of admissible legal evidence, technology and customer satisfaction.

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