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Our Core Values Set Us Apart

The team at WebPreserver is enthusiastic about our values and culture.  In fact, we believe they are the bedrock upon which our success is built, and by extension, the success of our customers.  In shaping our culture, we did a deep-dive into value frameworks that are not only meaningful for us as a team of individuals, but also are best tailored to our market segment.  We believe this holistic approach is central to customer success, and enables us to build a legacy we are proud of.  Our seven-fold value framework below is our attempt to deliver the “whole product”, translating into fantastic products, services, and customer relationships.

Customer Intimacy

Here at WebPreserver, we are passionate about customers, and are committed to maintaining a fully customer-centric culture in everything we do.  Moreover, we are customer intimate.  This means we are keen to listen, learn, and adapt to the specific environments of each customer, maintaining an intimate understanding of their goals and providing tailored solutions to enable achievement.  By extension, our customers are an integral part of our R&D team, insofar as we continually develop our solutions with customer feedback.  When working with WebPreserver, you’re not just a customer, you’re part of a movement toward modernizing the world of online evidence preservation.  Exciting right?

Authentic Relationships

Our team works together to maintain a culture of inclusion built on trust, respect, and dignity for all.  We believe in “keeping it real”, within our team, and when working with our valued customers.

Achievement & Contribution

We strive for excellence in everything we do, and each person’s contribution is critical to our success.  We celebrate as a team, and we celebrate the individuals that comprise it.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Effective collaboration is an absolute bedrock of our MO.  In fact, it’s part of the reason our customers are elated by our service response times and the quality of service they get.  It’s part of the reason why WebPreserver is the cleanest, most nimble and effective preservation tool, and the reason why we release 3-4 updates per year instead of one update every 3 years.  Moreover, our ethic of teamwork translates to our customer relationships.  We’re just very easy to work with, and that matters.


Derived from the latin “celeritās”, celerity means swiftness and speed of movement.  This is critical when it comes to social media evidence preservation, where deliverables are often urgent, and in cases where there is risk of online content being edited and/or deleted.  You need to capture that evidence fast, and your vendor and/or service provider must provide a means to deliver quickly.  There are no slowpokes at WebPreserver, and our technology is greased lightning – fast enough to make your head spin.  We understand the value of time, and what it means to our customers.

Purposeful Innovation

We are idea people.  We like creating things, experimenting, and building solutions that propose effective new ways of addressing complex problems.  We don’t think conventionally.  We are agile.  We are also purposeful.  We collaborate together, and involve our customers intimately in R&D cycles.  Our objective is to be the head, not the tail.  The thought leader, not the copycat or facsimile.  We reflect this in our offerings.


We are open, honest, and direct in all of our dealings.  Our objective is long-term, meaningful client relationships, built on integrity and trust.  We baked this foundational principle into our culture, and strive to live, breathe, and manifest this each and every day.

Leadership Team

Michael Riedijk


Michael Riedijk is founder and CEO of WebPreserver Software Inc.

Michael is a technology entrepreneur, investor, and executive with a successful 20-year track record in launching and developing innovative SaaS companies.  Initially the brain trust behind the WebPreserver solution when it was released under PageFreezer in April 2015, Michael leveraged his extensive understanding of eDiscovery and litigation support technologies to develop a truly elegant solution for litigators, investigators, and eDiscovery professionals.  Michael holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design Engineering from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.


Nate Dempsey

VP, Business Development

Nate Dempsey oversees all business development and partner efforts, with a focus on enabling customer success through software and ad-hoc evidence collection services.

A tireless growth hacker, sales scientist and customer advocate, Nate has been developing markets in the technology space for almost two decades. He previously held the position of VP, Business Development at PageFreezer.  Prior to this, he supported the sales effort at Maximizer Software Inc., Henry Schein Inc., and Dyadem International Ltd. (IHS Energy).  Nate holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from the Dominican University College in Ottawa, ON.