(Not So) Criminal Minds: Photogenic Felons

A series on anti-social media criminals

Sharing is caring - except for when it comes to sharing incriminating images on social media. I think the saying goes.

19 year old Dupree Johnson a.k.a Instagram user “duce22certified”, definitely cared a lot about his credibility and Instagram followers - and so naturally posted frequent selfies and pictures to his Instagram account. A harmless and common occurrence for kids his age - except his had the added touch of drugs, firearms and stolen goods.



With an impressive rap sheet of previous convictions, Johnson was a convicted #felon and subject to Floridian law, was prohibited from possessing or even controlling a fire arm . Just like this one I would suspect.


As a suspected ringleader of a burglary gang in the area, the images provided probable cause for a search of Johnson’s home. Deputies discovered a Glock beneath his bed (#grown), a loaded, stolen TEC-9 9mm and over $250,000 worth of jewellery, electronics and firearms.


The anti-social media star was charged with 142 counts of felony and deemed responsible for over 35 robberies. And has sadly deleted his Instagram account.

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