Not So Criminal Minds: FB Confession

A series on anti-social media criminals - No one "Likes" a Facebook Confession

There’s nothing really as probative as admitting your guilt. To the internet. In a Facebook status. This is going to be a short post.

Mr. Michael Ruse was on trial for assault and battery in the UK and, denying the charge, seemed pretty confident as to how the two week trial had gone. And so just before the jury went to consider their verdict, guilty Suckerberg took to Facebook to share this information.

Solent News & Photo Agency

When responding to a friends comment under his status update, Ruse (who used the name Miles on social media) added “Yeah I think I get away with it tbh x” - adding that it was “looking again”. Smooth.

A Facebook follower of Ruse’s saw the incriminating statement and brought it to the court’s attention. When confronted with the evidence, Ruse surprisingly changed to a guilty plea....and surprisingly hadn't learned any social media etiquette from Round 1 of his Facebook face-off with the Crown, posting this gem just hours before his sentencing:


The “stuck up” judge stated:

“You pleaded guilty part way through the trial only really because you were stupid enough to put on Facebook what amounted to a full confession…Your stupidity really is not much mitigation”, and charged him to 46 suspended jail term and an evening curfew.

Ruse’e defending counsel conceded stating : ‘He needs help with regard to thinking skills.’....No comment, Facebook or otherwise.

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