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Not So Criminal Minds: Don’t take #Selfie

A series on anti-social media criminals

The media and pop culture have always had an affinity with glorifying criminals with terms like mastermind, ringleaders, hacktivists etc. So when national headlines repeatedly depict an individual as;

[t]he most stupid criminal I’ve ever seen”

….you know it’s for a reason.

Introducing the technologically challenged Rodney Knight Jr. of Southeast D.C. Knight broke into the house of Washington Post journalist, Marc Fisher, and lifted “a bunch of stuff” – including a winter jacket, two laptops and some cash. And would have probably got away with it….but first, he had to take a selfie.


Not only did poor Rodney choose to document himself post-crime….he was wearing his stolen jacket. Flashing his stolen cash. And took it on his stolen laptop. And yet, he wasn’t quite finished.

As the laptop belonged to Fisher’s 15 year old son, I’m sure what was intended to be a taunting Snapshot of Knight’s #thuglife, he posted the picture to the son’s Facebook wall – completely identifying himself and linking him to the crime.

Police subsequently arrested Knight for gun possession – but with the shameless selfie as evidence, they also identified him for the burgalry and so was sentenced to a total of 44 months in prison.

As officer Kyle Roe told the Washington Post after the arrest, I’ve seen a lot, but this is the most stupid criminal I’ve ever seen.

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