Facebook Fail: Liking own wanted photo

Fugitive likes own "wanted" mugshot in Facebook Fail

When law enforcement and social media cross paths....it's usually a legal and viral #win or #fail . The actions of Montana native, and not so much criminal mastermind, Levi Reardon, could likely be construed as the latter judging from his recent Facebook activity.

The 23 year old wanted on forgery charges, was featured as a "most wanted" criminal on the Cascade County Crime Stopper's Facebook page - and subsequently "liked" his own mugshot. The accused subsequently attempted to "unlike" the post, and hopefully cover his tracks - but the police had already obtained a Screenshot of the evidence and matched his social media profile to that of the accused, and Reardon was arrested on Friday evening without incident according to police records.

Law enforcement departments are increasingly turning to social media to assist them in investigations, with 80% of law enforcement personnel using social media to identify suspects, gather evidence, and additional information and Discovery from the public. And the criminals themselves, in this instance.

Reardon is not the first or last criminal to get caught by evidence on social media - and may be following the impressive precedent of Chris Crego; a wanted fugitive from New York State who was successfully on the run...until updating his Facebook account to show that he had moved to Terre Haute, Indiana.

Likewise, Michael Baker of Kentucky was wanted for stealing petrol from a local law enforcement vehicle, and may have got away with his crime...had he not posted a picture of the evidence on his Facebook page.

Social media and digital evidence are essential to modern law enforcement, and WebPreserver (as well as ill-advised fugitives) can help in gathering, presenting and creating authentic, admissible evidence.

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