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eDiscovery Software for Online Preservation


Browse. Click. Evidence.

On-boarding your team with WebPreserver is effortless.  No need to coordinate lengthy training sessions, and there’s no need to thumb through a detailed instruction manual.  Not tech savvy?  No problem!  Whether you’re an independent private investigator, or a global law firm with hundreds of offices, user adoption is butter smooth, and the learning curve is almost non-existent.  Just load the Chrome plug-in, available from the Google app store.  No configuration headaches, proprietary browsers, or firewall issues, and no need to tie up your IT Manager.  Capture legal evidence with a single click right from your Web Browser.


Create Authenticated Evidence

Digital evidence – like Web and Social Media pages – require proof of data authenticity and integrity as required by the Federal Rules of Evidence. WebPreserver provides this by placing a 256-bit digital signature and timestamps on the captured files using a certified Stratum-1 atomic clock in compliance with the eSign act.  Never give an opposing party the opportunity to discredit your evidence, and never again take the chance of having your online evidence dismissed in court.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, you name it

WebPreserver can turn any social media profile into authenticated legal evidence.  Simply pull up the social media profile, determine preservation parameters in the nimble drop-down menu, and preserve the required content.  Capture the entire profile, or only what’s relevant.  Execute fully automated preservations that resemble the original look and feel, with a variety of forensically sound export formats to support your workflow.


Websites, Blogs, Forums, just everything online

Preserve websites, blogs, feeds, and forums with one click: browse to the webpage of your choice and use the WebPreserver button to preserve the page in evidentiary quality.  If the preservation is more complex, WebPreserver’s powerful bulk capture mechanism lets you preserve vast quantities of web content effortlessly, and quickly, in evidentiary quality.


Copious Export Formats

WebPreserver supports export formats for any type of end user.  Expedient PDF exports, and sophisticated export formats that are of interest to digital forensic teams.  Use cases range from solo practitioners exporting PDFs to use that same hour in court, to large eDiscovery and digital forensic teams using WebPreserver’s upload files in end-to-end review systems, such as Relativity.  Large and small, WebPreserver supports them all.

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Search your archives

All preservations are full-text searchable including the text, metadata and tags, giving you the ability to quickly find or filter the exact documentation you need.


Complete Preservations

The world of online preservation changed on April 4th, 2018.  Facebook imposed stringent API data restrictions in the wake of Cambridge Analytica, which now affect Facebook & Instagram.  This change was made at the policy level, and no third party software developer can open a door that Facebook has effectively closed at their end.  We believe other social media platforms will eventually follow the same path.  Are you using an API-based preservation method currently, and are having trouble preserving these social media types?  Call us.  WebPreserver is not API-based, and can provide a complete, reliable preservation of these key social media platforms, as well as any other type of online content.

Immediate Preservations

A huge problem that occurs when preserving social media evidence is the fact that posts can get edited and/or deleted at a moment’s notice.  Consider your current process.  It may involve calling a vendor to execute your preservation.  What can happen between the time you call your vendor, and the time they actually execute the preservation?  The answer is, a lot can happen.  A lot.  A lot can happen in a couple of hours, and a lot can happen in a couple of minutes on a social media timeline.  The WebPreserver plugin allows you to preserve online evidence the very minute your client tells you about it.  At the office, at home, on the golf course, wherever and whenever.

Automated Preservations

We’ve seen the admissibility challenges when attempting to use standard screenshots, JPG’s and PDF’s as social media evidence in court.  The other problem with social media content is the fact that much of it requires manual expansion to be visible.  Imagine a 500-page Facebook timeline.  After finally expanding all hidden comment sections, assuming you don’t miss any links, you may have a social media preservation on your hands that’s well over 3,000 pages long!  Sound familiar?  We have some good news.  WebPreserver automatically expands comments and posts, turning hours of manual scrolling & clicking into a one-touch workflow, with zero chance of human error.  Moreover, your exports are ready to go within minutes.  How would you rather spend a Friday afternoon?

Modernize your approach to online evidence preservation. 

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