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Are you dealing with cases that involve online evidence from Social Media, Web Pages or Blogs?

Whole new realms of litigation are opening up due to doxxing, cyberstalking, online harassments and threats. This goes along with substantial changes to existing fields such as fraud and online IP infringement brought about by incriminating posts or tweets.

Is the evidence legally admissible?

Our system is built to the admissibility requirements of all pertinent laws such as E-Sign Act, Federal Rules of Evidence, and State Public Records Law.

It’s extremely easy to delete or falsify online data if there isn’t a consistent, provable trustworthy record. You don’t want to end up in Court with faulty, missing or incomplete records, while you don’t have the time to become a digital forensic expert.

What you need is a simple, straight forward way to quickly create a legally admissible screen capture – Without training, deep thought and high expense. A solution that has the timestamps and digital signatures that modern Courts demand.

Do I get support?

We know you’re busy and don’t want to waste time in case of questions. That’s why we offer full ongoing support via Chat, telephone or email. You can be assured that any question you have will be quickly and professionally answered.

How exactly does WebPreserver work?

Once you’re signed up you simply install the Chrome plugin on your Browser. This puts the plugin on your Browser’s toolbar. Then, any time you want to preserve online evidence, visit the relevant Social Media page, Blog or Web Page. Simply click the Web Preserver button, select the capture modality, and voila, your evidence is preserved in a forensically sound manner. The content may be stored in our encrypted datacenter, in Google sandbox, or directly downloaded to your machine.  Multiple formats are provided, including a detailed forensic collections report.  Also, by visiting your WebPreserver account online you can access, share and manage all your files.

What other options do I have?

If you’re technically inclined you could study forensic evidence requirements, manually screen capture every page you need in multiple formats, and ensure un-forgeable timestamps are attached (have fun!). Or, there are complex full eDiscovery systems that require extensive training and huge outlays. Or, one click using WebPreserver.

What does WebPreserver provide?

  • Full-text Search.
  • Automatically collect metadata.
  • Easy to use web browser button.
  • Collect online evidence anytime, anywhere – helpful when receiving urgent collection requests off-hours.
  • Authenticated with 256-bit digital signatures & timestamps.
  • Export as WARC, MHTML, JPG, PDF, and detailed Collection Reports.
  • Reliable & Safe: No restrictive API connections or proprietary browsers.

Browse. Click. Evidence.

Consider the potential loss and professional embarrassment of not having your online evidence admissible, or worse, missing or falsified. Think of all those Lawyers who’ve been sanctioned for incomplete or inadmissible evidence – You don’t want to be one of them.

Without WebPreserver, how will you protect your online evidence?