Cyberbullying Infographic

81% of youths say bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person

Given the dynamic phenomenon of online and electronic messaging, posting and more, it's no surprise that with these technological advances have come some casualties. Cyber harassment and bullying has been one of the most destructive and widespread impacts on modern youths (and adults) and continues to be so.

Cyberbullying is the victimisation of individuals across a wide variety of platforms; whether occurring once or hourly, by a group or individual, it is a potentially incriminating act which can result in multiple forms of stress, destruction, and even take lives in harrowing circumstances. Social media has been a catalyst in this form of abuse, as a bully can be anonymous, spread hurtful content instantaneously, gather an audience and more, with over 92% of cyberbullying occurring on Facebook alone.

With hurtful, lewd and detrimental acts such as blackmail, Doxxing, impersonation and more categorised as cyberbullying, collection of potential evidence from the internet and social media platforms is essential in documenting these acts and creating a strong case of court-ready, authentic evidence. Police, site moderators and lawyers have a duty to retain all relevant evidence party to these acts and ensure the integrity, full Discovery and secure storing of such content. To give a stronger insight into the widespread nature of cyberbullying and who it is currently affecting, often without knowledge to those close to the victim, WebPreserver have created this useful and insightful infographic of cyberbullying stats and facts. (Also available to share on our Pinterest).



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Role of WebPreserver

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Not only is strong, reliable evidence created form online content, WebPreserver software also provides secure resources for the archiving, preservation and sharing of this content. Once a Snapshot is created, it can be downloaded or stored on our online platform and shared with clients and colleagues in personal folders, with the additional features of keyword tagging.

Ensure that when engaging in litigation you maintain a high standard of records management and technical compliance; WebPreserver is a simple but effective means of doing this. Avoid sanctions and additional administrative and Discovery costs with the proper utilisation of this leading eDiscovery software.

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