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WebPreserver Software Inc.

WebPreserver does one thing exceptionally well – the forensically sound preservation of online content.  We preserve social media.  We preserve websites.  We preserve blogs.  Any type thereof, regardless of size, format, or complexity.  If you require reliable online evidence, call us.  We do it fast, we do it economically, and we support a myriad of export formats.  WebPreserver offers a software platform enabling your team to execute this in-house, as well as ad-hoc preservation services, and ongoing service contracts.  Come to us directly.

Serving a global client base of Law Firms, Investigators, eDiscovery Firms, Law Enforcement Agencies, Insurance Providers, and the legal counsel of corporations, WebPreserver Software Inc. is a privately-held firm that is owned and managed by a successful team of software veterans. Originally launched in April 2015 under PageFreezer Software Inc., WebPreserver Software Inc. launched independently as a dedicated team in Q2 2018 to support a maturing market at scale.

With a rapidly expanding customer base and the most comprehensive website and social media archiving solutions available, WebPreserver is the premier provider of online archiving services for litigation support.

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