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Tweet & Delete

As the majority of us increasingly express ourselves and live in virtual reality through our curated personas on social media, not only has the way we communicate changed to text format, but so has the negative side of human expression such as bullying and harassment. These platforms have taken physical and interpersonal harassment to new […]
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The New Vigilantism – #Swatting

As previously discussed on our blog, Doxxing is the illegal online harassment act of sharing an individual’s personal or identifiable information (such as name, address, social security number etc.) online without their consent. (For more information see our previous posts of “Doxxing – An Online Phenomenon” and “#Gamergate – Downfall of Cybersecurity”). This internet-based attack […]
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#Gamergate – Downfall of Cybersecurity

#Gamergate is a relatively recent, but rampant, phenomenon in social media, cyber-bullying and sexism, typically targeting female developers and members of the Video Game industry. Blasts of misogynistic online attacks in forms such as Doxxing, Swatting, defamation and threatening acts of online harassment are still ongoing, coordinated by the #gamergate hashtag, despite recent efforts of […]
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Doxxing – An Online Phenomenon.

The Era of Hacktivism, Doxxing, Cyberbullying…and more. It came as no surprise that recently Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, admitted that the company “sucks at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform, and we’ve sucked at it for years” in a leaked internal memo. Admitting their failures in dealing with online harassment and abuse, it’s […]
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