Digital Evidence

Gathering Web Evidence Effectively and Efficiently

Our world is constantly changing, and the way attorneys litigate must change with it.  With the advent of social media and the tremendous growth of the web in the last two decades, the way we connect with one another has fundamentally shifted. As a result, the practice of law has shifted [...]

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Social Media Investigation

People like to talk. That's what we do, even when we know it's not the best thing to do. Gossip, spreading rumours, bragging -- if something happens, you know someone will talk about it -- someone always cracks. Law enforcement officials, lawyers and investigators have always known this. That's [...]

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New Reddit Content Policy & Crackdown

In the latest update on community news forum Reddit, moderators have taken new steps to clamp down on controversial and offensive content on the site: by introducing a new parameter of content guidelines. Traditionally Reddit has always stood for a strong, almost aggressive, standard of [...]

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Social Media Trending in 2015 eDiscovery

The latest report and research regarding eDiscovery comes from law firm Gibson & Dunn and gives us a clear insight into the predictions of legal and tech specialists from 2015 - echoing caselaw, discovery requests and solidifying beliefs that social media content is becoming a main resource of [...]

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California Court allows Instagram Evidence

Authenticating Instagram evidence still obstacle in social media case The most recent update on Social Media Evidence and Social Media #fails was handed down from a California appeals court in In re K.B, in relation to a criminal firearms conviction - where Instagram images posted from [...]

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Revenge Porn – Ending the Harassment

Revenge porn is a relatively recent phenomena targeting everyone from exes, celebrities, vulnerable individuals and more. A vast array of motives can lie behind this extremely detrimental form of harassment including extortion, revenge, and sheer humiliation. This cybercrime involves the [...]

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New WebPreserver Features

We hope you've had a chance to test out WebPreserver's awesome features and functionality. Based on feedback from users we have added three new functions. 1. MHTML - Fully browsable screen captures It's one thing to get a PDF. By popular demand, WebPreserver now also offers an entirely [...]

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Not So Criminal Mind: 1st Lady Tax Fraud

A series on anti-social media criminals Every little girl dreams of being a princess, queen, royalty or First Lady…...and some can even make their dreams a reality. Of sorts. This social media savvy criminal, Rashia Wilson, most definitely believed she had achieved this - as the self-proclaimed [...]

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A History of Social Media Evidence

State of Connecticut v. Eleck [2011] Unique Rules of Evidence for Digital Content? In this landmark case, it was established that a printout of social media evidence was deemed inadmissible, and the court established that while social media evidence does not require new rules of [...]

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Facebook Fail: Liking own wanted photo

Fugitive likes own "wanted" mugshot in Facebook Fail When law enforcement and social media cross's usually a legal and viral #win or #fail . The actions of Montana native, and not so much criminal mastermind, Levi Reardon, could likely be construed as the latter judging from his recent [...]

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