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e-Discovery Blog

Social Media Case Law – Admissibility of Online Evidence

Commonwealth v. Purdy [2011] Email, ESI and Electronic Communication: Admissibility of Evidence This early 2011 criminal case disputed the admissibility of emails as evidence, and the standards of authentication necessary for considering both email and content from social media as genuine digital evidence. In this instance, the trial judge admitted emails allegedly authored by the […]
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Social Media Evidence – MySpace

Griffin v Maryland [2011] A History of Social Media Evidence – MySpace Content The case was one of the first landmark cases to address the admissibility of social media evidence in trials, in the form of a MySpace printout. In this murder trial, the defendant’s girlfriend (Jessica Barber) had threatened the witness before the first trial. […]
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Social Media Discovery Blog

Welcome to the WebPreserver Blog! Are you a Lawyer, Law Enforcement official or otherwise have an interest in legal issues regarding online evidence gathering and preservation? If so this is the Blog for you! We’re dedicated to offering information, news, cases, studies, and best practice advice on the archiving of social media and web content. […]
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