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Collection of Legally Admissible Content

New article about WebPreserver was posted on Legaltech News: WebPreserver Allows for Collection of Legally Admissible Content From Social Media With the growth of social media, lawyers and legal departments find they need to collect relevant evidence from social media and Web pages so they can [...]

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Cybercrime Update: Ransomware

“The era of web blackmailing, racket and chantage is about to start.” 2015 began with another incident of what seems to be a new emerging threat in cybercrime which may overtake defacements and DDoD attacks– the use of hacking for extortion with the introduction of a more vigilant form [...]

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Authenticating ESI – Rule 901a

Lorraine v Markel American Insurance Company [2007] This landmark 2007 decision by leading eDiscovery juror, Justice Paul Grimm, discussed in great depth the admissibility and methods of authentication of ESI (Electronically Stored Information) and the standards and elements of the US Federal [...]

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In-court Testimony v. Online Evidence

People v. Franco [2009] In this instance of vehicular manslaughter, MySpace and Facebook posts were used to contradict in-court testimony; highlighting the increasing due regard, weight and importance given to authentic social media content in the courts. The jury convicted the defendant of [...]

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Digital Evidence: Preserving ESI

Brown v Tellermate Holdings Ltd., 2014 This employment discrimination case addressed the preservation of ESI (Electronically Stored Information) in cloud technology, when the defendants failed to preserve and disclose information from Salesforce.com (approximately 50,000 pages) that plaintiffs [...]

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SOPIPA – Student Data Legislation

Innovation in Student Privacy: California’s Student Online Personal Information Protection Act.  This latest piece of Californian data-protection legislation is aimed at minors, specifically students, and is highly unique and forward thinking in that it expressly restricts use of their [...]

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eDiscovery Costs: Social Media Evidence

eDiscovery costs soar to $90,000 in Social Media Evidence Case The recent tort case of Federico v. Lincoln Military House (regarding mould and related injuries in a military housing facility) discussed the proportionality of social media content to be disclosed during discovery - and highlighted [...]

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#Gamergate – Downfall of Cybersecurity

#Gamergate is a relatively recent, but rampant, phenomenon in social media, cyber-bullying and sexism, typically targeting female developers and members of the Video Game industry. Blasts of misogynistic online attacks in forms such as Doxxing, Swatting, defamation and threatening acts of online [...]

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Doxxing – An Online Phenomenon.

The Era of Hacktivism, Doxxing, Cyberbullying...and more. It came as no surprise that recently Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, admitted that the company “sucks at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform, and we’ve sucked at it for years” in a leaked internal memo. Admitting their failures [...]

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