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(Not So) Criminal Minds: Photogenic Felons

A series on anti-social media criminals Sharing is caring - except for when it comes to sharing incriminating images on social media. I think the saying goes. 19 year old Dupree Johnson a.k.a Instagram user “duce22certified”, definitely cared a lot about his credibility and Instagram [...]

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Not So Criminal Minds: Don’t take #Selfie

A series on anti-social media criminals The media and pop culture have always had an affinity with glorifying criminals with terms like mastermind, ringleaders, hacktivists etc. So when national headlines repeatedly depict an individual as; “[t]he most stupid criminal I've ever seen" ....you [...]

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Not So Criminal Minds: Instagram Fail

A series on anti-social media criminals Imagine Bonnie and Clyde, with the social media presence of the Kardashians…..meets Dumb and Dumber. And you have the first in our series of anti-social media criminals. Classic story of boy meets girl, boy and girl impersonate and steal identities of [...]

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Student Data Online Protection

Protecting Student Data on Social Media and the Web With advances in technology and online activity, both for recreational and educational purposes, concerns have been long growing for the safety and use of children and student’s data collected in the use of certain apps and websites. Not only [...]

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Facebook Fail: Liking own wanted photo

Fugitive likes own "wanted" mugshot in Facebook Fail When law enforcement and social media cross paths....it's usually a legal and viral #win or #fail . The actions of Montana native, and not so much criminal mastermind, Levi Reardon, could likely be construed as the latter judging from his recent [...]

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Cybercrime Update: Astroturfing

Astroturfing is an illegal false advertising cyber scam, utilised by companies, organisations, politicians and individuals to boost company reputation, search results and public opinion - through unauthentic and questionable means. This online campaigning consists of fake reviews on websites and [...]

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Easy to proffer evidence of a Web page

  WebPreserver.com Captures Evidence of Web Page Content New software as a service makes it easy to proffer evidence of a Web page or social media site. Legaltech News has a review of the WebPreserver.com site and service: PageFreezer Software Inc., a Web archiving software-as-a-service [...]

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Facebook Circumstantial Evidence

Commonwealth v. Banas [2014] A History of Social Media Evidence: Facebook Circumstantial Evidence In this relatively recent case, the admissibility of social media evidence was disputed when the defendant was convicted of larceny, and during the original trial a screenshot from his Facebook [...]

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“Cleaning-Up” Social Media Evidence

At the end of January this year, the Professional Ethics Committee of the Florida Bar issued a Proposed Advisory Opinion (14-1), in which they stated “a lawyer may advise the client pre-litigation to remove information from a social media page, regardless of its relevance to a reasonably [...]

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