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When Screenshots Aren’t Enough

Here's a video by NetBootCamp about different web page preservation techniques and the pro's and con's of each technique. Web page preservation is a common task. Choosing how to do it is one of the most important aspects of this task. In this post, we’ll look at two different methods, and [...]

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Problems with Digital Evidence

Are you interested in digital evidence and looking for some hard numbers? Here's a powerpoint presentation that offers a graphical representation of the current state of digital evidence and how you can collect and preserve it: We welcome your feedback and any questions you might [...]

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Not So Criminal Mind: 1st Lady Tax Fraud

A series on anti-social media criminals Every little girl dreams of being a princess, queen, royalty or First Lady…...and some can even make their dreams a reality. Of sorts. This social media savvy criminal, Rashia Wilson, most definitely believed she had achieved this - as the self-proclaimed [...]

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Not So Criminal Minds: “Friendly” Fugitive

A series on anti-social media criminals It’s the original Social Media cardinal sin - following, connecting with and “friending” people on social media...that you literally met for ten minutes at a bar, event, pumpkin patch etc. These people instantly have an insight into all aspects of [...]

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A History of Social Media Evidence

State of Connecticut v. Eleck [2011] Unique Rules of Evidence for Digital Content? In this landmark case, it was established that a printout of social media evidence was deemed inadmissible, and the court established that while social media evidence does not require new rules of [...]

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Not So Criminal Minds: FB Confession

A series on anti-social media criminals - No one "Likes" a Facebook Confession There’s nothing really as probative as admitting your guilt. To the internet. In a Facebook status. This is going to be a short post. Mr. Michael Ruse was on trial for assault and battery in the UK and, denying the [...]

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(Not So) Criminal Minds: Photogenic Felons

A series on anti-social media criminals Sharing is caring - except for when it comes to sharing incriminating images on social media. I think the saying goes. 19 year old Dupree Johnson a.k.a Instagram user “duce22certified”, definitely cared a lot about his credibility and Instagram [...]

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Not So Criminal Minds: Don’t take #Selfie

A series on anti-social media criminals The media and pop culture have always had an affinity with glorifying criminals with terms like mastermind, ringleaders, hacktivists etc. So when national headlines repeatedly depict an individual as; “[t]he most stupid criminal I've ever seen" ....you [...]

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Not So Criminal Minds: Instagram Fail

A series on anti-social media criminals Imagine Bonnie and Clyde, with the social media presence of the Kardashians…..meets Dumb and Dumber. And you have the first in our series of anti-social media criminals. Classic story of boy meets girl, boy and girl impersonate and steal identities of [...]

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Student Data Online Protection

Protecting Student Data on Social Media and the Web With advances in technology and online activity, both for recreational and educational purposes, concerns have been long growing for the safety and use of children and student’s data collected in the use of certain apps and websites. Not only [...]

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