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Tweet & Delete

As the majority of us increasingly express ourselves and live in virtual reality through our curated personas on social media, not only has the way we communicate changed to text format, but so has the negative side of human expression such as bullying and harassment. These platforms have taken [...]

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The New Vigilantism – #Swatting

As previously discussed on our blog, Doxxing is the illegal online harassment act of sharing an individual's personal or identifiable information (such as name, address, social security number etc.) online without their consent. (For more information see our previous posts of “Doxxing - An Online [...]

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Social media accounts “discoverable”?

eDiscovery 101 - Are social media accounts “discoverable”? Though social media and website posts are only one form of ESI party to eDiscovery standards and evidence, they are becoming increasingly more common, powerful and important. Going back as far as 2002 in Rowe Entertainment Inc v. [...]

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Australian Defamation Law

Australia wants Social Media Defamation Law Reform Australian legal scholars and jurists have brought attention to the need of reform to current laws in light of a recent decision in which defamatory tweets were found to be more hurtful and detrimental than an article published. In Hockey [...]

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New WebPreserver Features

We hope you've had a chance to test out WebPreserver's awesome features and functionality. Based on feedback from users we have added three new functions. 1. MHTML - Fully browsable screen captures It's one thing to get a PDF. By popular demand, WebPreserver now also offers an entirely [...]

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When Screenshots Aren’t Enough

Here's a video by NetBootCamp about different web page preservation techniques and the pro's and con's of each technique. Web page preservation is a common task. Choosing how to do it is one of the most important aspects of this task. In this post, we’ll look at two different methods, and [...]

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Problems with Digital Evidence

Are you interested in digital evidence and looking for some hard numbers? Here's a powerpoint presentation that offers a graphical representation of the current state of digital evidence and how you can collect and preserve it: We welcome your feedback and any questions you might [...]

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Not So Criminal Mind: 1st Lady Tax Fraud

A series on anti-social media criminals Every little girl dreams of being a princess, queen, royalty or First Lady…...and some can even make their dreams a reality. Of sorts. This social media savvy criminal, Rashia Wilson, most definitely believed she had achieved this - as the self-proclaimed [...]

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Not So Criminal Minds: “Friendly” Fugitive

A series on anti-social media criminals It’s the original Social Media cardinal sin - following, connecting with and “friending” people on social media...that you literally met for ten minutes at a bar, event, pumpkin patch etc. These people instantly have an insight into all aspects of [...]

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A History of Social Media Evidence

State of Connecticut v. Eleck [2011] Unique Rules of Evidence for Digital Content? In this landmark case, it was established that a printout of social media evidence was deemed inadmissible, and the court established that while social media evidence does not require new rules of [...]

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