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Social Media Evidence

Can a Post (Tweet, update, snap, etc.) be used as evidence? As with all things legal, it's in the details; what are you trying to prove; what are the Posts demonstrating; and what corroboration do you have? Beyond that, what are the standards of that particular jurisdiction, or even court, and, can [...]

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Social Media Law

Social media has been around since the campfire, the original social network. Sure, technology has created new opportunities but the fundamentals haven't changed. We've been lying, cheating and stealing for thousands of years and laws have been codified to deal with it. So, social media law [...]

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Social Media Investigation

People like to talk. That's what we do, even when we know it's not the best thing to do. Gossip, spreading rumours, bragging -- if something happens, you know someone will talk about it -- someone always cracks. Law enforcement officials, lawyers and investigators have always known this. That's [...]

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Facebook Forensics

Recent reports show over one billion people were on Facebook on one day. One billion people! Most were there to catch up with friends, see some trending content, or just to waste some time. With a crowd that large, you know there are a fair bit of nefarious activities going on. Whether it's [...]

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Cyberbullying Infographic

81% of youths say bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person Given the dynamic phenomenon of online and electronic messaging, posting and more, it's no surprise that with these technological advances have come some casualties. Cyber harassment and bullying has been one of [...]

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New Reddit Content Policy & Crackdown

In the latest update on community news forum Reddit, moderators have taken new steps to clamp down on controversial and offensive content on the site: by introducing a new parameter of content guidelines. Traditionally Reddit has always stood for a strong, almost aggressive, standard of [...]

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SEC investigates fake Twitter story

In the vast space of the Twittersphere, amidst increasing limitations on content policies and clampdowns on trolls - due to a mass of parody and unverified accounts lies a minefield of potential litigation death traps. Given the rate at which stories travel and influencers act online with the [...]

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Social Media Trending in 2015 eDiscovery

The latest report and research regarding eDiscovery comes from law firm Gibson & Dunn and gives us a clear insight into the predictions of legal and tech specialists from 2015 - echoing caselaw, discovery requests and solidifying beliefs that social media content is becoming a main resource of [...]

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California Lawyers have eDiscovery duty

California leading the way for Legal Ethics that include #eDiscovery standards.   Finally, California’s long-awaited opinion on the legal and ethical duties of attorneys in eDiscovery has been finalised. Though not groundbreaking, the opinion takes into account the modern standard [...]

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Social Media a “Goldmine” of Damning Divorce Evidence

In the last ten years there has been a phenomenal cultural and lifestyle shift from communicating and living IRL to online - and an interesting correlation with the rise in divorce rates and the acceptance of social media evidence in the courts. Many have described the limitless resource of [...]

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