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Mitigating Chain of Custody Risks

Capturing the Evidence You Need, Without the Chain of Custody Worries that You Don’t If you’re an attorney, a paralegal, an investigator, a law enforcement officer, or even if you justwatch a lot of legal dramas on television, you’re likely familiar with the term “chain of [...]

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Spoilation, Sanctions, and Staying Savvy

Spoilation, Sanctions, and Staying Savvy The rise of social media has revolutionized our modern world in countless ways. It has changed the way we share ideas. It has changed the way we obtain our news, and purchase the products we want and need. It has changed the way that we keep in touch with [...]

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Social Media & Insurance Fraud

People May Lie ..... A man in Ohio claimed that he was too badly injured to work, and as a result, collected $30,000 in benefits. Facebook photos that he posted, however, led investigators to his gym, where undercover cameras captured footage of the man bench-pressing five hundred [...]

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The Happy Paralegal

If we were to place our bets on the truth about great attorneys, here at WebPreserver, we’d wager that the majority of them did not get to be that way entirely on their own.   While the best attorneys are no doubt talented and deserving, most of them become so because they have a strong support [...]

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Clowns in Gowns

There is little about the practice of law that is laughable. Indeed, few things in our society are more important than the vigorous pursuit and realization of the ends of justice. Fate, fortune, freedom itself – these are the things that hang in the balance for many clients when they turn to an [...]

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Exciting news from the WebPreserver Team

Further to our relentless R&D efforts, WebPreserver version 2.0.3 is upon us! Here is what’s new for WebPreserver: Facebook date range capturing capability More flexibility in preserving the world's most prolific social platform.   Instagram expand comment option When [...]

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Social Media Usage

Social media is an integral part of our world today. It has changed how we communicate, how we do business, and unsurprisingly, it has changed the practice of law. More than 90% of all documents created today are generated electronically. It is, truly, the new frontier in many types of legal [...]

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