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Ad-Hoc Services

Need Online Evidence For Just One Case?

Due to the simplicity of the WebPreserver Evidence Preservation Plugin, most Law Firms, eDiscovery firms, Law Enforcement, and Investigators prefer to collect online evidence on their own.  However, if the situation is such that only one legal matter must be addressed, we can collect the evidence for you as a service.  It’s fast, easy, and cost-effective.

What Can You Collect?

If you can gain access to it, we can collect it.  Websites, blogs, social media, forums, video and audio files…  anything you need, in native formats and a variety of forensically sound export formats.  Preservations can range from a single social media timeline, to massive websites 100,000+ pages deep.  We have the tools to get the job done quickly, with beautiful, forensically sound deliverables.

What Does It Cost?

Pricing depends on the project scope, but our “secret sauce” is proprietary technology. Our powerful preservation technologies streamline the capture cycle on our end, and those savings are passed on to you. The other cost to consider is turnaround time. Slow response times might mean the evidence is edited or deleted before it’s preserved.  Social media preservation requests are often urgent for this very reason.  No service offering is near as fast as preserving the evidence yourself with our plugin, but as far as service offerings go, we are in position to execute quickly.

Ad-Hoc vs. Subscription

We offer both options to assist every type of customer that must preserve online evidence.  That said, how often you expect to preserve online content will determine which model makes sense for you.  Customers that leverage our services in an ad-hoc capacity are mostly independent investigators, or individuals that need help with a specific legal matter.  There are of course exceptions, but segmentation tends to be volume-specific.  Even the smallest law firms are now adopting the WebPreserver plugin using our most basic product tier; outsourcing this is going the way of the dinosaur.

If you have at least a handful of preservation requests per year, we recommend purchasing the WebPreserver Plugin instead of outsourcing this to a vendor to ease the cost to your clients, to ensure you can capture the evidence you need immediately before it gets deleted or edited online, and to ensure the most flexible case strategies.  Indeed, you may choose to preserve 100 social media pages, and only end up using five or so in a given legal proceeding due to their relevance.  It’s best to have those 100 pages preserved before choosing which are relevant, due to the aforementioned volatility of social networks.  You aren’t going to pay a service provider for all 100 pages…

Remember, taking simple screenshots for some cases, while relying on forensic preservations for only “high risk” cases is like playing Russian Roulette with your supporting materials.  Regardless of the legal matter, simple screenshots can be dismissed by the judge, and/or contested by the opposing party citing reasonable doubt that the screenshots may have been tampered with.

Service Modalities:

  • One-time captures
  • Recurring and/or scheduled captures
  • Continual monitoring & capturing changes
  • Deleted content (in some cases)
  • Video content
  • Offline captures
  • Affidavit (Notarized or Non)


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