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WebPreserver – Legal Screen Capture

What is WebPreserver?

WebPreserver creates legally admissible screen captures. It uses a Chrome plugin that installs on your toolbar and a cloud-based service for storage and file management. To create a screen capture simply browse to a particular web page or social post and click the WebPreserver button.

WebPreserver is much more than a screenshot tool. Screenshots can be Photoshopped – You require authentic evidence. By capturing the source code, providing a digital signature and atomic-clock based time-stamp any content captured is verifiable and stands up to the rigour of E-Sign and FRE.

With WebPreserver you instantly get download files as well as archiving to our secure cloud-based platform. From that platform you can organize, make notes, share, print on demand, or export to PDF, WARC or your favourite eDiscovery tools.

Why WebPreserver?

WebPreserver is about making it easy to capture Web and Social Media content as legally admissible evidence. We understand the World is increasingly happening online both the good, and unfortunately, the bad. We strongly believe the Rule of Law applies to online activities and one way to protect that is proper retention of evidence.

We also know that if it’s difficult to do then a lot of evidence will get lost. Either it gets taken down and finding it becomes a chore. Or, it’s captured but not in a way that is actually usable in a legal proceeding.

While the technology, by its nature, is complex we focus on making it useful … Actually usable by Lawyers and Law Enforcement officials who are busy with many other tasks.

Who is WebPreserver?

WebPreserver is a Service of PageFreezer Software Inc. We are leaders in the online archiving industry and have developed our processes and technology since 2006. We have over 500 clients including Government Agencies, major Financial Firms and Multinational Corporations.

Our motto …

Browse. Click. Evidence.

Online evidence is now really that simple.