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Legally Admissible Social Media, Blog and Website Evidence

What is WebPreserver?

WebPreserver enables legally admissible online evidence preservation. It uses a Chrome plugin that installs on your toolbar and an intuitive dashboard for file management. All preservations are stored to your device. To enable a preservation, simply browse to a particular web page or social post, select preservation options using the plugin menu, and hit save.

WebPreserver is not just a simple a online capture tool – you can find those anywhere. Screenshots can easily be altered using readily available editing tools like Photoshop. Online evidence should meet the standards of FRE. For that to happen, any online content you preserve must be authentic. By capturing the source code, and providing a digital signature with an atomic-clock based time-stamp, any content captured is verifiable and will meet the standards of E-Sign and FRE.

With WebPreserver, you can capture full social media profiles with comments automatically expanded, as well as any type of website or blog content, quickly, in legally admissible quality. Exports are saved to your device via Chrome Sandbox, and can be viewed in your dashboard.  From that platform you can organize, make notes, share, print on demand, or export to PDF, WARC or your favourite eDiscovery tools.

Why WebPreserver?

WebPreserver is about making it easy to capture Web and Social Media content as legally admissible evidence. These days, we transmit our life experience online, most especially through social media. According to a 2018 survey by Pew Research, a staggering 68% of American adults are active Facebook users. It is, as many attorneys we’ve spoken with attest, a “litigation goldmine”. We strongly believe the Rule of Law applies to online activities and our role in furthering this aim is to ensure your online evidence is preserved properly.

We also know that if preserving the evidence is a hassle, some supporting evidence just won’t get collected. It’s easy to miss hidden content that must be manually expanded, and there is always risk of posts being edited and/or deleted by a third parties. Moreover, the content may be captured, but not in a way that’s actually usable in a legal proceeding.

While our technology by nature is complex, we focus on making it simple – actually usable by Lawyers, eDiscovery professionals, investigators, and Law Enforcement officials who are busy with many other tasks. Anyone can use it, all you need to do is push a button.

Who is WebPreserver?

WebPreserver Software Inc. is a privately-held firm that is owned and managed by a successful team of software veterans. Originally launched in April 2015 under PageFreezer Software Inc., WebPreserver Software Inc. launched independently as a dedicated team in Q2 2018 to support a rapidly maturing market at scale.

Our motto …

Browse. Click. Evidence.

Online evidence is now really that simple.